We have been able to depict minute details on the uneven surface by using inkjet printers, this product has a hidden potential to produce a level of expression that we haven't had the technique to produce so far.

Our company first started producing painted wall in 1964, then progressed to sheet processing manufacturer of painted wall in 1976, and now we are developing and producing painted wall sheets and many other products with a wide variety of different surface textures.We were stimulated by the new techniques produced by inkjet printers and have suceeded in developing painted wall sheet that expresses a depth and vividness of color by exploiting the uneven surface of the paper.

①Surface treatment layer
②Particle (limestone or wood flour or silica)
③Adhesive layer
④Support layer (paper)

For those who are particular about color and texture
  • Because of the uneven surface structure of the printing side, it gives a sense of depth to the color.
  • Because of the uneven surface structure, it even gives basic letters a sense of life.
  • It gives depth of gradation and gives a more natural representation due to the irregularities in the surface structure.
  • Because it is composed of inorganic materials, it is possible to reduce deterioration from things such as ultraviolet rays.

  • It has become a professional spec specification for Artists and designers.
APPLICATIONS Ideal for original works and original photos.
Juraku (Juraku)

Thickness: 0.5mm

Sandstone (Sagan)

Thickness: 0.35mm

White makeup (Shirogeshou)

Thickness: 0.32mm

**Thickness- Due to the thickness please check your existing printer specifications before trying.

A4 1 set(10pieces) 3,900 yen
A3 1 set(10pieces) 7,800 yen
A3+ 1 set(10pieces) 9,200 yen
960mm x 10m(2indan winding roll paper tube) 36,000yen
* Sandstone does not support roll paper.

・please ask us from mail about the shipping and paper sample.
・you will be responsible for the duties and local taxes if any.
・The price is subject to change.

* Regarding the roll , if there is no stock it takes about a month to restock, thank you for your forbearance.